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LMH6555 is a low distortion 1.2 GHz differential driver
Saturday,February 18,2023
LMH6555 is an ultra-high-speed differential line driver with 53 dB SFDR at 750 MHz. LMH6555 has a fixed gain of 13.7 dB. The input of the device allows the output common mode voltage to be set independently of the input common mode voltage to simplify the interface with the high-speed differential input ADC. The unique architecture allows the device to operate as a fully differential driver or single-ended to differential converter.

The device's excellent linearity and driving capability (100 Ω differential load) are very suitable for driving ADSP-TS201SABP-050 high-speed analog-to-digital converter. When combined with ADC081000/ADC081500 (single or dual ADC), LMH6555 constitutes an excellent 8-bit data acquisition system with an analog bandwidth of more than 750 MHz.

The LMH6555 uses a space-saving 16-pin WQFN package.


● Typical unless otherwise stated.

● - 3 dB bandwidth (V OUT=0.80 V PP) 1.2 GHz

● ± 0.5 dB gain flatness (V OUT=0.80 V PP) 330 MHz

● Conversion rate 1300 V/ μ s

● 2nd/3rd harmonic (750 MHz) - 53/- 54 dBc

● Fixed gain 13.7 dB

● Power supply current 120 mA

● Single power supply operation 3.3V ± 10%

● Adjustable common mode output voltage


● Differential ADC driver

● Texas Instruments ADC08150/ADC081000

-(single or dual) drive

● Single-ended differential converter

● Intermediate frequency (IF) amplifier

● Communication receiver

● Front end of oscilloscope


Number of channels: 1

Total supply voltage (minimum) (+5V=5,+/- 5V=10): 3

Total power supply voltage (maximum) (+5V=5,+/- 5V=10): 3.6

BW @ Acl (MHz): 1200

Acl, minimum specification gain (V/V): 4.8

Conversion rate (typical value) (V/us): 3000

Architecture: fully differential ADC driver, bipolar

Flat band Vn (typical value) (nV/rtHz): 3.9

Iq per channel (typical value) (mA): 120

Rail to rail: No

Vos (offset voltage @ 25 C) (maximum) (mV): 50

Operating temperature range (℃): - 40 to 85

Approx. price (USD):1ku | 4.100

Second harmonic (dBc): 53

Third harmonic (dBc): 54

Harmonic distortion measurement frequency (MHz): 750

GBW (typical value) (MHz): 1200

Input bias current (maximum) (pA): 100000000

Feature: on-chip gain resistance

CMRR (typical value) (dB): 68