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LP876242-Q1 is an automotive step-down converter for AWR and IWR MMIC
Thursday,December 1,2022
The LP876242-Q1 device is designed to meet the power management requirements of the latest AQH2223 processor and platform in various safety related automotive and industrial applications. The device has four buck DC/DC converter cores, which can generate four single-phase outputs. Device settings can be changed via the I 2C compatible serial interface or SPI serial interface

The switching clock is forced to PWM mode and the phases are interlaced. The switch can be synchronized with the external clock, and the spread spectrum mode can be enabled to minimize interference.

LP876242-Q1 device includes protection and diagnostic mechanisms, such as register and interface CRC, short circuit protection, thermal monitoring and shutdown. The LP876242-Q1 device can notify the processor of these events through the interrupt handler, thus allowing the processor to take response measures.


● Meet AEC-Q100 standard, and the results are as follows:

○ Input voltage: 3.0 V to 5.5 V

○ Device temperature class 1: – 40 ° C to+125 ° C ambient operating temperature range

○ Equipment HBM ESD classification level 2

○ Device CDM ESD classification level C4B

● Functional safety compliance

○ Developed specifically for functional safety applications

○ Documents that can be used to help ISO 26262 system design reach ASIL-D

○ Documents that can be used to help IEC 61508 system design meet SIL-3

○ System capability up to ASIL-D

○ Hardware integrity up to ASIL-D

○ Window voltage and overcurrent monitor

○ Watchdog with optional trigger/question and answer mode

○ Level or PWM error signal monitoring (ESM)

○ Thermal monitoring with high temperature warning and thermal shutdown

○ Bit integrity (CRC) error detection of configuration registers and non-volatile memory

● 4 efficient step-down DC/DC converters:

○ Output voltage: 0.9V to 1.9V

○ Maximum output current: 4/3/3/2A

○ Programmable output voltage conversion rate: 0.5 mV/ μ S to 33 mV/ μ s

○ Switching frequency: 8.8MHz

● 10 configurable general purpose I/O (GPIO)

● SPMI interface for multi PMIC synchronization

● Input overvoltage monitor (OVP) and undervoltage lockout (UVLO)


● Imaging radar with cascade configuration

● Long range radar

● Radar module without processing


Stabilized voltage output (#): 4

Input voltage (minimum) (V): 3.0

Input voltage (maximum) (V): 5.5

Iout (maximum): 4

Rating: car

I would like to: 1

Iq (typ.) (mA): 0.033

Features: overvoltage protection, UVLO, GPIO, SPMI

Processor name: millimeter wave AWR, millimeter wave IWR

Processor supplier: Texas Instruments

Turn off current (ISD) (typical value) (uA): 1

Switching frequency (typical value) (kHz): 8800

Configurability: factory programmable, software configurable

◆ LP876242-Q1 simplified diagram